Smart Panel

Features of Panel

  • Start & Stop Switches
  • Single Pick, Forward Inching
  • Reverse Inching provisions
  • Warp Stop, Weft Stop
  • Fork Sensor
  • Tri Colour Error Indication Lamp
  • Advanced Protection Design
  • Upgradation Provisions
  • Pillar lamp indication for warp, weft, fork and dothi stoppage indication separately
  • Dothi Stop Interface Provisions

Production Display

  • Pick Per Minute value on Display
  • Shift-Wise Production
  • Total Production Value
  • Shift wise production with 28 previous Shift backup (for 14 days)
  • Machine stop message with total stoppage Count (Fork, warp, weft)
  • Offline data logging System with Shift wise report
  • RPM of the Machine motor

Dhoti Display

  • Fancy Dhoti Stop Motion
  • Take Up Motion
  • Total Dhoti / MetreProduction

Computerization Provisions

  • Online /Offline Data Transmission to system
  • Real-time status of each machine includes (running, Manual stop, stoppage occur by Warp, weft fork, and long idle machine due to mechanical fault)
  • Live Status of Machines with Efficiency Through GUI
  • Customizable Reports
  • Special Data Storage Drive
  • Load (or) change the DOTHI setting of each loom separately at (one point) computer


High Efficiency, Reliable & Consistent, Good service provision, More customization, Ease of upgradation.



Local Spares & Service, Easy to Operate & Maintain, Quick Setup, Long Life / High Re-Sale, Pre Assembled Delivery.


Operating Cost

We provide low operation cost, Low Energy Cost, Reduced Maintenance, Quick Setup, Low-Cost Spare Part, Low Labour Cost.